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The entrance, under the portico of the Cathedral

Its structure exemplifies the extreme accuracy of ancient construction techniques: designed and built like a square tower inside another tower and connected by a ladder.

The ascent in the Torrazzo is a spiritual journey from the earth to the sky and it is not difficult to climb the 502 steps that lead to the final terrace to enjoy a breathtaking 360° panorama. The visit provides stops in the rooms dedicated to the knowledge of and the study of time and astronomy of the new Museo Verticale, inaugurated in November 2018. As we ascent the great tower, we find the following rooms: the Hall of the Clock face where some topics related to the study of the astronomical clock. In the Mechanism Hall one can admire the characteristics of its operation. The history of the human perception of time is illustrated in the Measurement of Time Hall through the reconstruction of old measuring instruments, various types of clocks and interesting multimedia content. Tha Hall of Astronomy is devoted to the study of celestial bodies. Inside, thanks to the particular constructive characteristics of the Torrazzo, one finds a fantastic installation of Foucault’s Pendulum. Its oscillation is the scientific demonstration of the rotation of the Earth. Also exhibited is a small-scale reconstruction carried out by the students of the Ala Ponzone Cimino Institute of the Artificio de Toledo (aka Artificio de Juanelo), the most famous work of the talented Cremonese engineer Janello Torriani (Cremona, circa 1500 – Toledo, 1585) to supply water to the city. Upon reaching the top of the tower one can enjoy a magnificent view of the city. The oldest buildings are easily identified, the bell towers of our city churches and, on particularly clear days, the panorama ranges from the plain, where the Po River flows slowly, to the snow-covered Alps.


Diocesan Museum

From Tuesday to Sunday. From 10.00 to 13.00 | from 2.30pm to 6.00pm

Single ticket: €10.00 (allows access to the Torrazzo Vertical Museum, the Baptistery and the Diocesan Museum)

Special ticket for Monday €5.00 (only Torrazzo can be visited).

Free ticket* €0.00*

*Disabled people and companions *Religious

*Children and teenagers under 14 years of age if accompanied