Buchen Sie jetzt Ihren Besuch

The Church of Cremona,

which extends its presence in a vast territory delimited by rivers such as the Po and the Oglio, the Adda and the Serio, welcomes and greets with sympathy those who cross our countries, visits the churches, contemplates the natural environment that God gives us he has given and that men cherish with care.

Everything tells the industriousness of a people, intimately inspired by the Gospel of Jesus, narrated by countless masterpieces of art, which are often the name and mirror of our communities. Traces of holiness that even today the Church knows, celebrates and proposes for everyone’s attention. In the swirling epochal change we are going through, the pause serves to find roots and springs, to meditate on the meaning of our steps, to design in the truth the good we desire. Therefore, I wish everyone to live the holidays, rest-generating rest, of authentic human, of the feast of the heart and refreshment of the soul. There will be no lack of Mary’s eyes, the gazes of Jesus, the unique traces of God, the Father and the Creator, a consolation to dare and a hope who is humbly edious in the search.

Welcome among us.


† Antonio, Vescovo