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The Chapter of the Cathedral of Cremona is the most ancient institu­tion in our city.

We have no definitive information about the founding act, but the first news about its existence dates back to a document of King Rudolph II, dated September 27, 924. It can be assumed that the Chapter of our Cathedral also arose — as elsewhere — from the desire on the part of the clergy to join in common life in order to better witness the Christian faith and for particular care of prayer and divine worship.

The first statutes that governed the life of the chapter belong to the 12th century. The most recent date back to 2007, drawn up in the light of Vati­can Council II and the Code of Canon Law, and approved by Bishop Dante Lafranconi.

The norm that sets the maximum number of canons to fifteen members also belongs to the 12th century. In the following centuries the number varied, but the original number of fifteen has now come back into force.

The main purpose of the Chapter is summarized in the premise of the Statutes of 2007: “The Chapters of the Cathedrals, in fraternal commu­nion with the Bishop and among the Canons, express the model of the Church which, without interruption and with a concordant voice praises God and fulfills the task to collaborate above all in prayer for the build­ing up and growth of the whole mystical Body of Christ and for the good of their particular Church“…

Furthermore, the Chapter is required to participate in the most solemn celebrations of the Cathedral, especially those presided over by the Bishop. They are also required to participate in the daily celebration of the Liturgy of the Hours and the Chapter Mass; in collaboration with the Rector of the Cathedral the canons make themselves available for other weekday and festive Eucharistic celebrations, and for the celebration of the sacrament of Reconciliation. The Chapter meets in ordinary session every two months to discuss issues relating to the activity of the Chapter and the Cathedral. The life of the Chapter is also brightened by signs of fraternity, such as: the convivial meeting on June 2, on the occasion of the feast of the Chapter; and an annual pilgrimage-trip.

L’attuale Capitolo è così composto:

Canonici effettivi

mons. Antonio Trabucchi, Presidente

mons. Mario Barbieri

mons. Achille Bonazzi

mons. Pietro Bonometti

mons. Felice Bosio

mons. Attilio Cibolini, rettore

mons. Primo Margini

mons. Luigi Nozza

mons. Giuseppe Perotti

mons. Marino Reduzzi

mons. Carlo Rodolfi

mons. Libero Salini, penitenziere

mons. Giuseppe Soldi

mons. Ruggero Zucchelli


don Adelio Buccellè

don Franz Tabaglio